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Incompatible diet in Ayurveda

Incompatible diet in Ayurved

Viruddha Ahara is a unique concept described in Ayurveda. The present article deals with the critical review of Viruddha Ahara referred in terms of food-food interactions, food processing interactions. Ayurveda clearly defines that certain diet and its combinations, which interrupts the metabolism of tissue, which inhibits the process of formation of tissue and which have the opposite property to the tissue are called as Viruddha Anna or incompatible diet. The food which is wrong in combination, which has undergone wrong processing, which is consumed in incorrect dose, which is consumed in incorrect time of day and in wrong season can lead to Viruddha Ahara. The article narrates the modern perspective of Samskar Viruddha, Veerya Viruddha, Samyoga Viruddha, and so on. It also enlists a variety of incompatible dietary articles consumed in today's day-to-day life and its hazardous effects on health.

The literal meaning of word Viruddha is opposite. It sounds that the food combination of certain type of food may have -

  • Opposite properties
  • Opposite activities on the tissues
  • May exert some unwanted effect on the body when processed in a particular form
  • May exert undesirable effects, when combined in certain proportion
  • May have unwanted effect if consumed at wrong time.

Ayurveda literature has described various types of Viruddha Ahara, which can be summarized as follows:

1 Desha (place) Viruddha
2 Kala Viruddha
3 Agni Viruddha
4 Matra (quantity) Viruddha
5 Satmya (wholesome) Viruddha
6 Dosha Viruddha
7 Sanskar (mode of preparation) Viruddha
8 Veerya (potency) Viruddha
9 Koshtha Viruddha
10 Avastha (state of health) Viruddha
11 Kram (sequence) Viruddha
12 Parihar Viruddha
13 Upachar (treatment) Viruddha
14 Paak (cooking) Viruddha
15 Samyoga (combination) Viruddha
16 Hriday Viruddha
17 Sampad (richness of quality) Viruddha
18 Vidhi (rules for eating) Viruddha

Examples of incompatibility/antagonistic (Viruddha-Aahara)

-Veerya Viruddha (potency incompatibility) - fish + milk.
-Sanskar Viruddha (processing incompatibility) - heated honey.
-Matra Viruddha (dose incompatibility) - honey + cow's ghee mixed in equal proportion.
-Krama Viruddha - hot water after taking honey.
-Kala Viruddha - (time incompatibility) pungent substance in summer and cold substances in winter.
-Krama Viruddha (order incompatibility) - consuming curd at night. Taking Madhura Rasa food or Dravya at the end of meals and Tikta and Katu Rasa Dravyas (food substances) at the starting of meals.
-Samyoga Viruddha (combination incompatibility) - fruit salad or milk + banana.
-Parihar Viruddha (contraindication incompatibility) - consuming cold water immediately after having hot tea or coffee.

Diseases due to Viruddha Ahara

From the above list it can be understood that any procedure, combinations, dose, amount of food, opposite properties of food if consumed in a regular fashion can lead to number of disorders. Charaka has mentioned that such types of wrong combinations can lead to even death. [3]

If above-said rules for the diet are not followed then the diseases occurring due to Viruddha Aahara can occur, which are mentioned below.

Impotency, Visarpa (erysipelas), blindness, ascitis, bullus, insanity, fistula in ano, coma or fainting, intoxication, abdominal distention, stiffness in neck, varieties of anemia, indigestions, various skin diseases, diseases of intestines, swelling, gastritis, fever, rhinitis, and infertility.

It can be observed from the above list that Viruddha Anna can lead to disorders up to impotency and infertility, thus it has an impact up to Shukra Dhatu Dushti. If the above list of diseases is classified as per the body system, it can be said that, immune system, endocrine system, digestive system, nervous system, and circulatory systems are affected by continuous consumption of Viruddha Ahara.

Article by: 
Dr. Hemant Adhikari
Consultant Ayurveda Physician

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  1. Incompatible food - Virudhha Ahara is a combinations, whitch interrupts the metabolism , the process of formation of tissues are called as Virudhha Anna or incompatible diet.