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Ayurvedic Management Of Herpes zoster/Kaksha

Ayurvedic Management Of Herpes zoster/Kaksha

Painful skin rashes appearing in the shape of a band strip or a small area on one side of the body generally called as herpes zoster or kaksha.

Caused by a virus that causes chicken pox. When a person who recovers from later that rash turns in to a bunch of blister. This condition resulting from infection varicella zoster virus also known as VSV is very painful. Re activation of this virus results in the affection of peripheral and cranial nerve. Painful eruptions are unilateral. They don’t cross the middle line.

Though causes of reactivation are not clear, yet emotional trauma, advanced age, female gender, mechanical trauma, use of medicines which suppress immunity system are the factors which are supposed to enhance possibility of occurrence of herpes zoster.

Herpes and Ayurveda
In Ayurveda Herpes finds its mention by the name of disease Kaksha. Blisters appearing in a specific format give this name to it. Regarding treatment of herpes/kaksha. It is also known as janeu in local language.

1. Local application of SHAT DHOUT GHRIT gives beneficial results on local application.

2.Virechana indicated in kaksha or herpes zoster according to Ayurveda.

3. Churna of nishoth with DUGDHA, GHRAT or SUKHOSHNA JALA gives good result.

4. Use of MUNAKKA also is useful in kaksha or herpes.

5. Use of TRIPHALA KWATH with GHRAT gives good result in kaksha or herpes.

6. GHRAT mixed with AMLAKI SWARAS gives satisfactory result in kaksha or herpes.

7. CHURNA of moong dal, or masur dal or CHURNA of Shwta Dhaan should be applied with GHRAT on the affected area.

8. Application of YAVA CHURNA with YASHTHIMADHU CHURNA in water gives appreciable result in herpes/kaksha.

9. Local application of GAIRIK and GHRAT is useful in herpes/kaksha.

10. Local application of upper layer of GHRAT gives good result in herpes/kaksha.

Care should be taken not to apply very thin paste. The thickness of the powder should be of one third of the width of the thumb of the concerned patient.

What type of food to be taken in herpes/kaksha?

1. Roasted YAVA CHURNA with MADHU in water is one of the best food that a patient of herpes/kaksha should take.

2. Use of juice of DADIMA and AMLAKI too gives good result.

3. Water boiled with DRAKSHA & KHARJURA, should be given with ghee.

APATHYA in herpes/kaksha


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